The definition of a supplement: "Something that is added to something in order to improve it"

3PS is an evidence based supplement range developed by coaches and sports dieticians to support their client’s goals. We are fully Australian owned and operated and our promise is to provide our customers with some of the highest quality, all natural supplements on the market. 

3PS aims to bring back the true definition of a supplement into the health and fitness industry. 


It’s well documented in research that in order to optimise body composition and performance an adequate protein intake is required. As coaches and sports nutritionists, what we find is that many people struggle with obtaining this intake and this is where a protein supplement can be hugely beneficial.

3 Point Supplements signature product is our Whey Protein Isolate. The main ingredient in our WPI is New Zealand grass fed whey. New Zealand is considered the industry gold standard when it comes to the production of whey.

● Great for increasing protein intake across all health and fitness goals
● High protein content and low in carbs and fat
● All natural and only 5 ingredients
● Gluten free and only trace lactose
● Smooth blend and great taste

Key Features

Australian made and all natural ingredients
Evidence based and no outlandish claims
Developed by coaches and sports dieticians