CHARGE Pre Workout (240g)
CHARGE Pre Workout (240g)
CHARGE Pre Workout (240g)

CHARGE Pre Workout (240g)

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Our Anabolic Apple Pre is designed on the back of hours of hard training and with science in mind. We have used science back ingredients and have formulated our CHARGE Pre Workout to give you the charge and focus you need in your sessions.

  • Increased Focus
  • Increase Energy and Charge
  • Increased Pump

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What is Pre workout?

Pre workout is a supplement in powdered form which aims to boost energy, focus and performance. It is best consumed 30min pre training, with a dosage that suits your individual stimulant needs.

What does Pre workout do?

Pre workout acts to activate the sympathetic nervous system.
The ingredients in pre-workout act to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, which acts to increase the activation of physiological systems which are needed for immediate action and performance.

Should I take it?

Having a supplement which can immediately increase energy and training performance can be a powerful tool in any athlete’s toolbox, but like any tool it must be used correctly. Caffeine is best taken before training sessions but may negatively impact sleep or cause discomfort or anxiety if excess is consumed.

How do I take it?

Mix 1-2 scoops based on preference/ individual dosage requirements with water (250ml-500ml). Shake or stir until dissolved and consume 30min prior to training session.

If stimulant tolerance is unknown or training is in the afternoon/evening, being conservative with your pre workout dosing is recommended.

Why are these ingredients and dosages in our CHARGE formula?

Citrulline Malate (3000mg)
Beta Alanine (2000mg)
Caffeine (120mg)

Citrulline malate increases blood concentrations of arginine, an amino acid which promotes vasodilation. Vasodilation to working muscles will enable increases in blood flow, leading to better pumps and increases in training performance. The scientific literature shows most benefits for L-citrulline to fall between 3000-8000mg.

Beta alanine is a modified amino acid which is often included in pre-workouts to improve muscular endurance and sports performance. Most benefits are seen with dosages of 2000-5000mg. High doses may cause a tingling sensation called paraesthesia, but this is not harmful and is not an indication of ingredient efficacy.

Caffeine is one of the most studied ergogenic aids that we have. It acts as a stimulant which can increase physical strength and endurance, as well as a nootropic which provides mental alertness and focus. Caffeine benefits are usually seen with 200mg-500mg, but individual responses and tolerances may vary. Our pre-workout formulation is designed for those assessing their tolerance or who dislike high doses of caffeine to take 1 scoop, with those looking for a larger energy boost able to take 2 scoops

Is our charge pre workout backed by science?

Our charge pre-workout uses up to date scientific literature to guide ingredient selection and dosages. As new science emerges, we will continue to update our formula to ensure that our products contain effective ingredients in optimal dosage ranges.

Warning Statement: This product contains caffeine, DO NOT EXCEED 2 SCOOPS. Keep out of reach of children.