About Us

The definition of a supplement:

"Something that is added to something in order to improve it"

3PS is an evidence based supplement range developed by coaches and sports dieticians to support their client’s goals. We are fully Australian owned and operated and our promise is to provide our customers with some of the highest quality, all natural supplements on the market. 
If you look at the supplement industry as it stands we believe that most companies develop products based on marketability not evidence. This results in companies filling their supplements with a multitude of different ingredients and then making outlandish claims on what the supplement can do, allowing them to drive up costs to the consumer.
As coaches and sports dieticians we know that 95% of our clients results come from the basics of training and nutrition and hence why all 3PS products are selected based on supporting our clients goals NOT marketability. Our range of products will only include those that we would happily recommend to our clients or use ourselves and will only include the necessary ingredients to make that product effective.
3PS aims to bring back the true definition of a supplement into the health and fitness industry and promise to give you nothing but honesty across our brand. We will help people truly understand how to effectively use supplements alongside training and nutrition to help achieve their goals.